We connect to the social media platforms where the conversations are happening.

Connections require accepting app permissions.


Tell us what #hashtags you want us to monitor, then sit back and watch, while we capture authentic conversations about your brand happening in real time.

At AnySocial, to capture content from each platform, you will need to create what we call a Source.

Sources can capture posts and content from:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Hashtags
  • Twitter Account
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Instagram Business Account
  • LinkedIn Pages

We can only capture from accounts you control and have the correct permissions. Pages will require you to be an admin of that page.


Sadly, not every post out there might be relevant to your brand. Luckily we have engineered some easy tools that allow you to filter out the conversations not relevant to your brand.

At AnySocial, to organise all your captured posts and content, Sources are organised into Feeds.

A Feed allows you to approve/reject content, filter by social media platform, view all of your approved posts and view all of your rejected posts.

Profanity filters and rule based approval/rejections mean you don't have to worry about displaying content not relevant to your brand.


You have all of these beautiful user generated posts and conversations about your brand, now it is time to display them to the world.

At AnySocial, you can Publish feed to display your approved posts to different mediums.

A Published Feed allows you to embed these conversations onto mediums such as:

  • Websites
  • Tv Panels
  • Tablets
  • Phones

Choose from the Waterfall, Grid or Carousel types to display your feed. Then customise and brand to the way you like it.

When you are ready, copy & paste your embed code.

Nice and easy.

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