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AnySocial helps you capture and display user generated content and conversations that matter to your brand.

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Engage with your brand audience

AnySocial allows you to monitor, engage and build your brand influence.

Understand customer influence

Identify and monitor the conversation/impact customers are having on your brand.

Identify trends and patterns

Follow trends and patterns to engage with your brand audience at the right time.

Brand conversations

Listen in to the public conversations that are occurring about your brand.

Make plans based on data

Create brand campaigns based on data, not on speculation or heresay.

Our mission

AnySocial believes in connecting brands with audiences through authentic conversation. Our social media aggregator saves you time on content creation by allowing you to facilitate real conversations between your brand and customer.

The process in 4 easy steps


Connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to the platform.


Enter the #hashtag or account you wish to capture posts and conversations from.


Curate your content and audience conversations to be relevant to your brand and campaigns.


Circulate your captured content by publishing to digital panels, websites, tablets and phones.

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